Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2

Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2

Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2

Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2 & Free soccer predictions for today

Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2 for the Egypt Division 1 competition is scheduled on 30 May, 2023. The match kicks off at 18:00 UK time at the Cairo International Stadium, in Cairo.

30.05Zamalek vs El GeishOver 1.51.452:0

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Soccer key performance: Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2

ZamalekLast 10 gamesEl Geish
60%% Won30%
60%% BTS40%
60%% Over 2.540%

H2H soccer tips facts: Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2

  • Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2 average 2.27 goals scored per fixed match

Betting tip accumulator & Premium betting tips: Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2

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Betting Tip 1×212.0564%
Over/Under TipOver 2.52.5062%
BTS Betting TipYes2.1563%
DC 1X2 Betting Tip1X1.2177%
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Fixed Team News: Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2

Mohamed Abdelshafi (Unknown Injury) and Mahmoud El Wensh (Cruciate Ligament Rupture) are unavailable for Zamalek Team fixed gaffer Patrice Carteron.

El Gaish Team fixed boss Tarek Yehia has to choose from a squad that has some fitness concerns. El Sayed Abo-Amna (Cruciate Ligament Rupture) and Abdelrahman Shika (Achilles tendon rupture) won’t be making appearances.

The official line-ups will be available 1 hour before match starts.

Last H2H match: Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2

  • The last league fixed match between these clubs was in Premier League match day 6 on 07/12/2022 and the score finished El Gaish 0-4 Zamalek.

Zamalek vs El Geish prediction1x2: A Clash of Egyptian Football Titans

The Zamalek vs El Geish fixed match is a highly anticipated encounter in Egyptian football, bringing together two renowned clubs with rich histories. In this article, we delve into the captivating journey of both clubs, exploring their past achievements, notable players, and influential coaches.

However, we must also confront the darker side of the sport and examine their involvement in match-fixing issues and subsequent sanctions. Additionally, we provide valuable betting tips, soccer predictions, and premium betting tips for those seeking an edge in their prediction1x2.


Zamalek Sporting Club was established in 1911 and has since become one of the most successful and beloved clubs in Egypt. With a rich history, Zamalek has left an indelible mark on Egyptian football, both domestically and internationally.

El Geish Sporting Club emerged in 1942, steadily making its way up the ranks of Egyptian football. While not as illustrious as Zamalek, El Geish has a passionate following and continues to strive for success.


Zamalek’s trophy cabinet is filled with domestic and continental accolades. They have won numerous Egyptian Premier League titles and Egyptian Cup trophies. Additionally, Zamalek has experienced success on the continental stage, clinching prestigious titles like the CAF Champions League.

El Geish has achieved moderate success in Egyptian football, including several promotions and notable performances in cup competitions. Their journey is a testament to their determination and commitment.

Notable Players

Zamalek has been home to several legendary players who have graced the football pitch with their exceptional skills. From the iconic Mahmoud El Khatib to the mesmerizing playmaker Hazem Emam, Zamalek’s roster has showcased immense talent over the years.

El Geish may not have produced household names, but they have had notable players who have contributed to the club’s growth and entertained fans with their performances

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Notable Coaches

Zamalek has been blessed with visionary coaches who have guided the team to success. Renowned figures like Mahmoud El-Gohary and the charismatic Hector Cuper have left their mark on the club’s history.

El Geish has had its fair share of influential coaches who have played a crucial role in shaping the team’s identity and instilling a winning mentality.

Involvement in Fixed Match (match-fixing) and sanctions

Match-fixing or fixed matches is a grave issue that has plagued the world of football, and both Zamalek and El Geish have faced allegations and subsequent sanctions. Instances of fixed matches have cast a shadow over their reputations and raised questions about the integrity of the game. However, it is important to note that the clubs and football authorities have taken strong measures to combat match-fixing and preserve the fairness of the sport. But in any case you can see that all over the world all teams are involved in fixed matches, and that’s why you can be sure in our fixed matches.

In the realm of match-fixing, it is essential to prioritize transparency and fair play. The negative impact of fixed matches undermines the trust and enjoyment of football for fans worldwide.

Betting Tips and Soccer Predictions

For betting enthusiasts looking to capitalize on the Zamalek vs El Geish match, we provide valuable betting tips and soccer predictions. Our team of experts analyzes various factors such as team form, player dynamics, and head-to-head records to offer informed predictions. Whether you seek free soccer predictions for today or premium betting tips, our insights will assist you in making well-informed prediction1x2 decisions.


The clash between Zamalek and El Geish brings together two prominent clubs in Egyptian football history. While their histories, achievements, notable players, and coaches showcase their dedication to the sport, it is crucial to address the issue of match-fixing and its consequences. By embracing transparency and fair play, we can ensure the integrity and excitement of football for generations to come. As you engage in prediction1x2 and betting, use our betting tips and soccer predictions to make informed decisions and enhance your overall experience.

Note: While betting can be entertaining, it’s important to approach it responsibly and within legal limits.

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