Betting Fixed Matches

About the best soccer prediction platform –  is your soccer betting solution for fixed matches. Whether you’re searching free tips or are a much serious better looking for higher rewards, you are on the right place!
We’ve been in this industry with experience of over 10 years, deciding the outcome of each match, helping people get rich in the process.
With our network of contacts, everything is possible! Reach out to us for booking your very own fixed match and get rich in the process.

100% Guaranteed

Our fixed matches are 100% guaranteed with no exceptions. We set an entire supply chain into place up to the players and coaches to fixed matches in order to achieve the outcome you desire. If you’re opting for one of these services, you can definitely get rich easily with zero worries! Try these out for yourself and discover how the rich get richer!

During our years of experience, if there’s one thing that we’ve noticed is that soccer is the most popular sport that individuals bet on. If you’re looking for a guaranteed result, you should get without worries for our fixed matches. This service is paid and is extremely accurate. You only can double your results if needed – if you’re able to pay the cost.

Allow us to Fix Any Sort of Match you’d like

Whether it’s something as small as a League 1 fixture or something as large as a Champions League final, we can do it all. Our aim to get you the best return on your investment. Due to our extremely broad range of capital and human resources, our success rate of 100% can be guaranteed.

Soccer Prediction process – About the best soccer prediction platform

Money needs to find the right hands and we need to ensure that there is no doubt about the result that you want to achieve, which is why this process takes a lot of time and is expensive. By ensuring that you’re paying for our services, we understand that you’re a serious better that is willing to get a return and we MAKE it happen.

Process of payment, confirmation and sending the fixed match

Once you send in the payment and confirm your order, our extensive team will jump into action to contact relevant individuals and make a deal that is beneficial for all! There are numerous people involved in this job. After a deal has been made, we send our clients a confirmation for their very own fixed match. We also advise clients on how to bet on amounts under the radar, in order to save them from any sort of liabilities. Sit back, relax and let the money roll in!

Maximizing your Return On Investment

Our team of experts work relentlessly to achieve one common goal, to get you the best possible return on your investment! By choosing us to fix match for you, you are hiring a team of seasoned experts who go to extraordinary lengths to see results. The process of fixing match is never easy and takes a while to get a 100% guarantee, but we do not give the client a go ahead unless we have the all clear from our valued associates. Your investment’s safety is our number one priority!

Profit not guaranteed for free tips

Before you capitalize on one of our free tips, it is important that you understand that these free tips are not guaranteed in any way. These tips may get you good winnings, but more than likely will not. You have to take full responsibility for how much you’re investing and where you’re putting it. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t buy stocks off of wild tips would you? You’d do your research, which is what is required with these betting tips as well! We only offer guarantees for our Fixed Matches, reach out to us now to learn more!

If you want a proofs we have on our website.

Our Site Analysts have produced free gems in the past

Our free tips are theories and forecasts that may or may not pan out. Although they’re done by our group of onboard specialists, we cannot guarantee their outcome. We’ve had several visitors make a fortune out of free tips that they chose themselves. We cannot be held responsible in any way for any outcome you may get from your free tips. Due to our variety if contacts in this industry, we can definitely figure out which team is the best choice, however outcomes are still unpredictable. Underdogs can win matches too, which is why we recommend getting your match completely betting tips fixed matches by us. We 100% guarantee excellent results as long as you opt for our paid service

Earn three times your investment by choosing for this type of bet with us.

All outcomes are preplanned and you can use any type of bet you like to earn that substantial amount of profit that you truly deserve!


Enrolled accounts should be approved before withdrawals can be made. To approve a record, our soccer prediction platform has an obligation to check the personality and age of the record holder.

FAQ – About the best soccer prediction platform

What does Fixed Matches accomplish for me?

Betting associates begin betting with those who are experts in this niche and are fully equipped for giving proficient tips and counsel on the game of their aptitude. Their direction permits genuine bettors to transform their pastime into a full-time, profoundly productive calling with upgraded chances for progress. It’s the most straightforward approach to gain success in this area without losing much financially.

How do our tipsters provide us with tips and are they reliable?

Our team of tipsters accompanies an assurance of value and complete straightforwardness in their records. Everything about tipsters‘ outcomes will be evidently accessible to you, without changes or adjustments to slant things in support of themselves. It is inconceivable for insiders to expand cases of their benefits and precision, since you can confirm everything for yourself.

How do I apply to become a tipster?

All tipsters must pass a thorough 16-week test period prior to being acknowledged them onto the Fixed Matches group. This invalidates the chance of selection because of luck and allows us to perceive what they are truly prepared to do.

When will I get my tips?

Whenever you have signed up to our website, you will get access to tips. However, please keep in mind that our FREE tips are not guaranteed. If you want CONFIRMED results, you will have to opt for our FIXED ODDS MATCHES.

What payment options do you allow?

We accept all cryptocurrencies to make the payment, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP and all other. You can also make the payment via:  Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, Ria Money and Money Gram.

Would I be able to place more than one bet?

Obviously you can. There is no restriction to the number of bets you can have at your disposal. It’s an extraordinary benefit to join numerous bets so you can profit by numerous tips and increase your benefits further.

Do you guarantee a victory?

For our free tips, we cannot guarantee any results. However, for confirmed guaranteed victories, we can 100% GUARANTEE a victory through our paid Fixed Matches option. We leverage the expertise of our team of skilled match fixers to get the job done easily and earn you multiple rewards in the process.

Will I win each day on every bet with your free tips?

No. It is unreasonable. Be that as it may, there will be periods with bunches of champs and periods without any victors.T. That’s why we do not guarantee this free tips.

Do I need a record with explicit bookmakers?

No. You can bet any place you feel great. Notwithstanding, most insiders will send their tips out with suggested bookies for each tip, to guarantee you get the best accessible chances. We locate the best bookmakers who won’t limit you and advise accordingly!

What kind of bets do the tipsters cover?

Each type is unique. Tipsters cover win, lay, place, and every route markets on a scope of sports. At present, tipsters cover horse dashing, football, tennis, boxing, golf and MLB, with a lot more in transit.

What kind of stakes would it be advisable for me to utilize?

All administrations will suggest a stake an incentive for every one of their tips as far as “focuses”, going from 1 to 3 focuses. You can dole out your own an incentive to each point. Full Betting Bank counsel is given with all administrations.

How reliable are your fixed matches?

COMPLETELY RELIABLE. Results are GUARANTEED. Our paid fixed match service allows individuals to set their own odds and ensure their own outcomes. For our free tips, we offer no guarantees since we base these on tips and statistics, and these cannot be ensured.

How can I bet on a fixed match?

The process is incredibly simple. Reach out to us via email with the details of how much you’re willing to invest and what outcome you’d prefer. We’ll send a follow up email agreeing to your terms or suggesting a counter proposal if your offer isn’t reasonable. Once terms are agreed, you can simply sit back, relax and watch the money roll in!.

I’ve sent an email however haven’t got the reply?

The underlying exhortation is that you check your spam envelopes on your email account, and obviously stand by until 11am which is commonly the time by which the sum total of what messages have been delivered. In the event that you have not received an email, at that point please contact us again in order for us to determine what may be causing the issue.

What size betting bank do I need?

This is completely up to you. When paying for a fixed odds match, since the outcome is certain, the more you bet is better.

What amount of cash would I be able to make by joining your team of tipsters?

It relies altogether upon your expertise and how great your tips are (which will decide how long your endorsers will stay).

What are the necessities for turning into a tipster?

You should initially demonstrate your tips to our sealing supervisor in a multi week preliminary attempt. We just need to work with insiders who can demonstrate their capacity to reliably give great tips. On the off chance that you can substantiate yourself, we will talk about evaluating and the way toward setting you up as an insider.