Short intro- Halftime Fulltime fixed match

The basis of our soccer betting platform are the fixed matches. 

We are offering safe fixed matches which are coming with a hard work of analyze and statistics from our agents and team members which are part of the soccer teams from where we are selecting and providing you secure fixed matches.

Agents are focused specifically in third and lower leagues of England, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Spain soccer teams, who are cooperating with their team insiders members which consist sports players, coach players, sport bookie workers.

We are communicating with several (one or two) teams in each league with a high level of confidence and trust between ourselves.

The soccer teams were picked with a lot of work in previous years and they are now part of our soccer platform.

So,when you combine:

Best analyze, statistics, insiders, confidence and trust between our agents and insiders in the soccer teams, meaning that, we have the best safe fixed matches with 100% winning rates and guarantee that you will not have loss.

We are not providing free HT FT fixed match

Because of these facts mentioned above, the half time full time fixed match cannot be for free. We do not have free fixed matches.

In fact, free fixed matches do not exist. Those which are telling you that they have free fixed matches are lying. Do not believe in such soccer prediction sites.

Price for HT FT fixed match

The price depends on all factors which are contributed by our agents, insiders, country from where we are taking the fixed match and sometimes referees when is needed.

In other words, we will not share the prices official on our page. The price will be shared with you in our private conversation.

After all, our main target is to have satisfied customers.

Satisfied customers are the main aim all the years before, and as a result of this we have a stable business.

best fixed matches


What is HalfTime FullTime fixed match Bet?

Halftime/fulltime bet covers the regular 90-minute game, meaning extra time and penalties are excluded (do not count).
It is a special bet that belongs to the category of double bets, meaning you have to get right both the half-time standing and the end result correctly, in order to win. For this reason, the odds are also much higher.
Let’s say there’s an upcoming football match in which you’re sure that one team will be ahead at the break, but you feel confident the final score will end in a draw.

For example, Leeds, may be ahead at half-time, with Newcastle trying the game in regulation time.

In a case like this, you can bet for Leeds leading after the first half and then a draw at full-time.
The odds can be higher, usually around 16/1 (or 17.0 in decimal) for the game to end a draw.
That means you’d be getting a huge profit for yourself if you bet HT/FT.

Online betting bookmakers for half time full time match

You can bet this type of game on many online betting bookmakers, but more popular are bet365.com….

Types and offers for halftime fulltime fixed match

In the end, below we presenting you what type of offers do exist in our soccer platform regarding fixed matches:

Correspondingly, they are separated into 2 big offers:

  • Single fixed matches
    • Our single fixed matches offer is that you can buy only one fixed match with 15 or 30 odd.
  • Double fixed matches
    • Our combined fixed matches offer is that you can buy 2 fixed games (15 and 30 odd) and combine them for betting on higher odd.Usually you can get and discount if you buy bought fixed matches.

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